• End-to-end workflow
  • Benchmark projects
  • Assembly production
  • Grouping of jobs
  • Raising a PO
  • Internal reject
  • Visual stock location
  • Stock types and Variants
  • Work Item trace
  • Stock trace
  • SFDC
Open API structure:
  • Connect your full advanced manufacturing workflow from design to finished part: open API architecture allowing you to link your end-to-end manufacturing ecosystem together
Asset file management:
  • The ability to attach detail build files, 3D drawings and program files to parts. You can even share the correct version to the shopfloor, so the latest issue is always in use
Managing subcon and post-processing:
  • DNAam allows you to have a digital view of all subcontracted work and post-processing steps allowing you to have a connected view of all the stages of a project through the manufacturing process
CAD/CAM integration:
  • Our integrations with leading build file management and build optimisation platforms bridge the gap between different systems to offer a complete advanced manufacturing software solution to help you scale
Project based MES:
  • DNAam has a project based format for carrying out work meaning that multiple jobs can easily be carried out in parallel, this provides a more flexible way of carrying out the manufacturing of parts
Integrate with ERP or stand-alone:
  • DNAam is a flexible system that can work as a stand-alone MES system or can connect with any ERP packages you may already have
Cloud scalability:
  • Our flexible cloud storage allows you to easily increase or decrease your use of this resource as needed to meet your changing demand. Scaling can be carried out quickly and easily
Configurable MES:
  • DNAam powers the next generation of advanced manufacturing, allowing you to manage the full range of technologies, materials, and sectors within a single system. It manages operations from quotation, sales orders, projects, production, postprocessing quality assurance and dispatch
Visible Traceability:
  • DNAam’s world leading digital dynamic visual traceability allows you to have dynamic project, tools and materials inventory control and management
Visual location management:
  • Gain effortless traceability with DNAam's visual location management screen. Drag and drop items between locations, any time you move an item a record is automatically created recording who moved what, when and to where so you have complete audit traceability
Managing blends and splits:
  • Upon requesting a blend or split order autogenerates the orders to ensure the process is carried out correctly and efficiently
  • Maintain quality control with customers specifications and approvals and reject analysis. Additionally, our integration with GROW enables design owners to protect their design IP with secure file encryption
What’s new?
  • Connect your end-to-end advanced manufacturing workflow from DFAM, Materials, optimization, manufacturing execution through to all post-processing operations
  • Intuitive new user-friendly interface and experience
  • All new project-based MES
  • Create, store and clone benchmark projects
  • Open API architecture – link your end-to-end manufacturing ecosystem together
  • Complete file and build file management
  • DNAam world leading digital dynamic visual traceability throughout the product
  • Project scheduling, advanced KPI reporting and analysis
  • Complete quality management system including sub-con and post-processing control built in
  • Secure file management built in
  • Plugin Architecture – extendable to connect CAD/CAM/CAE/ERP…
  • Supports advanced, traditional, and custom manufacturing processes
  • Graph Store as the Database
  • Local Storage (Offline design and workflow configuration)
  • SFDC using modern web stack
  • Distributed storage
  • Traceable Manufacturing Execution Orchestration
  • Light weight to 100 % traceability from stock to delivery
  • Traceability of all business objects